""An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage." Jack Welch, ex-CEO G .E

MBA- ABM at KAU is a unique and a special programme of its kind. MBA-ABM has facilitated an online Agricultural Course in the first semester. Thus building a bridge of knowledgefor students from non agricultural background and dusting off the learning for Agri- graduates. The courses offered by the Centre for E-Learning of Kerala Agricultural University covers "Organic agricultural Management" (OAM), "Post-Harvest management and marketing of fruits and vegetables" (PHM) and'Plant propagation and Nursery Management" (PNM)

Interactive sessions of these online courses were conducted at ITBT to reinforce the virtual learning with agri-Experts. And the practical session of OAM and PHM, organized by the content developers and faculties from the Agricultural university provides an exclusive emersion in the exciting world of agriculture. The students are engaged with practical session for preparing organic products like panchagavyam, vermi-compost, fish amino acid, thumboormuzhi compost etc. and also had a visit in herbal garden in Horticulture College. And practical sessions for preparing value addition in agriculture products likepineapple jams, mango pickles and squashes. And also had the class of post-harvest value addition in fruits and agriculture products like grape wine, coco products etc.