Message from Associate Dean & Director i/c  

Agri-MBA - Built for Fututre

Management Education is a challenge !

Management is an applied subject, unlike Maths & Science (where there is more theory). It is more like a performing art or sport, with less relevance for truisms, hypotheses or pedagogy. Nobody would like to learn surgery from a Doctor who has learnt only from books or take tennis coaching from a person who cannot play.
Hence the market for business education is booming all over the world. In India alone, 100,000 MBAs are produced per annum. The quality of best graduates compares with the best in the World. However, the average graduate quality is hugely inconsistent and varied. Merely because there is a rush for management education, we should not think that all Institutes are delivering great education with reference to the future.

How to face this challenge ?

There is only one way. The curriculum should have a future vision and the staffing of teachers should be more of them who have practiced Management and practioners who can teach.
With Food security, Ecology & Environment Management, Hyper-Urbanisation, Rural Supply Chain Management etc., coming up as hot topics, NO MBA is as relevant as Agri-Business MBA. Here the real world is to be brought into the class room. Hence, there is more practical orientation in the faculty. There is a fine balance among Ph D/ Academic attainments and practical experience. This unique quality makes KAU stand apart. The curriculum is on continuous refinement – It is all about transformation Management – bringing a business sense to Agriculture : which is what the future needs.

Kerala Agri. University is an attractive destination of talent. Today, there are more than -half-a-dozen students from abroad in the Campus . They are excited to join us, for we give them action-oriented-experimental-learning.
The 2010-12 Batch of Agri-Business MBA students are privileged to have received such exposure at this Campus. They are proactive and have displayed a spirit of innovative entrepreneurship. I am confident that they will rise up to any challenge as Managers. They are built for future !!

    Dr. A. Sukumaran

Associate  Dean