Computer Centre & Communication Lab

    The college has a state –of- the- art computer centre with high speed internet connectivity. The campus  is Wi- Fi connected. The college has also established a Computer based Communication Lab to impart hands –on- training to students in communication skills like Group Discussion, Interview, Public speaking, Conferencing and Negotiation.

Central Library

The KAU Central Library, housed in a multi storeyed structure, has a total plinth area of 4000m2. The Integrated Library Information System consisting of the Central Library with a LAN connected to the main campuses is unique about it. To provide library and information support for teaching, research and extension programmes, information materials such as books, journals, reports and theses have been acquired pint audio- video and digital media at the Central Library and satellite libraries.The central Library has put in place an Information Technology Laboratory with facilities for customizing library and information services packages and database development. Electronic Library hardware includes Digital Priories Server, Meridian C D Server and Alpha Server for Digital Unix, JVC Juke Box Systems and Pentium Work Stations.

Central Auditorium

The fully air - conditioned Central Auditorium of the University has a seating capacity of 700 attendees. It is endowed with world class acoustic systems and lighting arrangement. The serene and aesthetic ambience engulfing the auditorium makes it ideal location for intellectual rendezvous in the state.

Conference Hall

    The college boasts of a fully air conditioned state-of- the-art conference hall with a seating capacity of 50 delegates. The hall is armed with modern audio- visual gadgets enabling technical presentations and conferencing.


    The University provides residential accommodation to all the students. Boys and Girls are housed in separate hostels.
    Sports Facility
    The University nourishes and cherishes the physical and intellectual growth of students. The indoor and outdoor courts in the campus foasters sports and games like basket ball, table tennis, volleyball, football, cricket, hockey, badminton, and gymnastics.