Jaya R. Nair Memorial Gold Medal for First Rank & PTA Gold Medal for securing First Rank in Finance-Marketing Stream        
Shamily Lal
PTA Gold Medal for Second Rank        
Varnana Nair
PTA Gold Medal for First Rank in Finance-HR Stream        
Nufaisa. M.
PTA Gold Medal for First Rank in Marketing –Finance Stream        
Anjali Elsa Alex
  Chief Guest :
                           Prof. (Dr.) P. Rajendran
                           Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, KAU.
  CCBM Auditorium • Friday, 20th February, 2015 • 11.00 am  
  5th Regional Committee Meeting of Indian Agricultural Universities Association  
KAUMBIANS have been selected as the event managers of the 5th Regional Meeting of the IAUA (Vice-Chancellors’ Conference) scheduled on 19th and 20th December, 2014 at KAU. KAUMBIANS consider this opportunity as a great privilege and honour.
  Workshop on Commodity Derivatives  
The Central Training Institute (CTI) of KAU hosted a Two Day Workshop on Commodity Derivatives exclusively for the MBA (ABM) students on 25th and 26th November, 2014. The programme was sponsored by Forward Markets Commission (FMC), the regulator of Commodity Futures trading in India and executed by MCX of India, Mumbai, the largest National Commodity Exchange in India.
The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. S. Arun Kumar, Deputy Director, FMC. Dr. Jose Mathew, Associate Director of Extension delivered the presidential address.Prof. Philip Sabu, Director, KAU MBA and Dr. Alexander George, Professor & Head, CTI spoke on the occasion.
Mr. Anand Sheon, Kerala Head, MCX India, Scini Vijayachandran, Manager, Research & Planning, MCX of India, Mumbai were the main resource persons of the workshop. The workshop included modules on Price Discovery, Risk Management (Hedging) Trading Strategies, Clearing and Settlement and Regulatory Framework of Commodity Futures. The programme was managed by the student representatives of the 2013 Batch. Dr. Alexander George, Co-ordinator of the programme praised the students for their excellent organizational prowessness and commitment.

The KAUMBA Team – ATHIRA T. K., DENSYMOL K. S., ABRAHAM JOJI and ATHIRA DAYANANDHAN – won FIRST PRIZE in the Business Plan Contest in the Management Fest hosted by John Mathai Centre, Calicut University. The team reached the top defeating around 30 B Schools.
The Placement Brochure of MBA – ABM 2012 Batch will be released on Tuesday, 7th October 2014 at 10.00 a.m. at the College Auditorium.

Mr. Thampy Kurian, General Manager & HR Head, Federal Bank Ltd., will unveil and Dr. E. V. Nybe, Director, Academic & P. G. Studies, KAU will receive the Brochure.

Mr. Thampy Kurian will also deliver a talk on the theme ‘Best HR Practices to Drive Super Performance’ on the occasion
Vidyarambham of MBA Agribusiness Management

The Vidyarambham of KAU MBA 2014 Batch was inaugurated by Shri. V.P. Nandakumar, Chairman & Managing Director, Manappuram Group of Companies. Dr. E.V.Nybe, Director, Academic & P.G.Studies delivered the key-note address. Dr.A.Sukumaran, Associate Dean and Prof. Philip Sabu, Director, MBA spoke on the occasion.

  Ms. Shamily Lal of KAU MBA Agribusiness Management Wins the TMA Best Management Student Award-2014  
We proudly announce that Ms. Shamily Lal, Student of KAU MBA Agribusiness Management (2012 Batch), has been selected for the Best Management Student Award instituted by Trichur Management Association for 2014 (TMA). Ms. Shamily is daughter Shri. Chandralal P. V., Padmavilasam, Kanhangad, Kasaragod District. She has joined the MBA Programme after completing B. Sc (Co-operation & Banking) from College of Co-operation, Banking and Management, KAU.

The award will be presented on Friday, 2nd May 2014 at the closing ceremony of the Annual Management Convention of TMA.
  Ms. Swetha N. K. of KAU MBA Agribusiness Management Qualifies UGC-NET  
We are delighted to announce that Ms. Swetha N. K., Student of KAU MBA 2012 Batch has qualified the UGC-NET in Management (December, 2013). She is the first KAU MBA Student to clear the UGC-NET while undergoing studies. She is daughter of Sri. Vijayakumar N. K., Manammel House, Chenakkalangadi, Malappuram District.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT MBA Agribusiness Management Admission for 2014 ENTRANCE TEST - KAUMAT 2014
  The Entrance Test (KAUMAT) for admission to MBA Agribusiness Management for 2014 will be held on Sunday, 4th May, 2014 at 9.00 am at College of Co-operation, Banking and Management, KAU Main Campus, Vellanikkara, Thrissur.

ADMIT Cards of all eligible candidates for the test have been dispatched by post. Those who fail to get the Admit Card on time are advised to report at the Examination Centre with Admit Cards downloaded from the University Website or KAUMBA Website. The Admit Card must bear the Photograph of the candidate attested by a Gazetted Officer.

The model questions of KAUMAT are given in both the websites for the guidance of the candidates.
  Prof. Philip Sabu
Director, MBA (ABM).

  The Scholarship Covers the ENTIRE FEES (Rs. 1 Lakh Plus) of the Course  
  Nithin T. V. Aswathy Suradas Lavanya E. V. Midhuna. N.C.   Sukanya Issac George James  
KAU MAT 2014 MODEL QUESTION PAPER click here for download  
  MBA (Agri-Business Management) General Information about KAUMAT
    • Total Questions : 120    
    • Total Marks : 120    
    • Maximum time : 2 Hrs    
    No negative marking in valuation

• Use blue or black dot pen for marking the answer

• Circle the letter A B C or D of the answer of your choice. If on second thought, you wish to   change the    response, score of (‘X’) the first answer and circle( ) the new choice.
    1. Part A – English Comprehension and Verbal Ability (40 Marks)    
    2. Part B – Mathematical Aptitude (40 Marks)    
    3. Part C –Test of Reasoning (40 Marks)    
    Specimen Questions:    
    Part A – English Comprehension and Verbal ability    
    In each question below, select the word/expression that has similar or somewhat similar meaning to the words/expressions printed in CAPITAL letters. Encircle your choice A, B, C or D    
    1. NIBBLE    
  (a) Scribble (b) Dark (c) Gentle bites (d) Puddle
    2. CINCH    
  (a) A tight grip (b) Touch (c) Forceful (d) Smooth
    3. RAPSCALLION    
  (a) Rascal (b) Gentleman (c) Decent (d) Responsive
    4. NUANCE    
    (a) Uniformity (b) Meaningful (c) Semantic (d) Nicety    
    Part B – Mathematical Aptitude    
    Read the questions and encircle the answer (A, B, C or D)    
    1. A box of marbles are separated into 2,3,45 and 7. Each time one marble is left over. The least number     of marble in the box is ---    
  (a) 311 (b) 411 (c) 211 (d) 2011
    2. The sum of integers from 1 to 100 that are divisible by 2 or 5 is    
  (a) 5900 (b) 3050 (c) 900 (d) 3450
    3. If log 47 = x then the value of log 716=    
  (a) x (b) 2/x (c) 1/x (d) 2x
    4. Area of a rectangle is equal to area of a square. If the length of the rectangle is 25% more than the side    of the square then breadth of rectangle is less than the side of the square by---    
    Part C –Test of Reasoning    
    Read a question and select the answer as per your knowledge/reasoning from among the choices labeled A, B, C and D. Encircle your answer A, B, C or D    
    1. In a certain code CROWN is coded as BSNXM , how will be the word BOARD be coded?    
  (a) ANZQC (b) APZSC (c) CPBSE (d) CNBQE
    2. If 4563=5437 and 6647=3353, then 546=…….    
  (a) 389478 (b) 454 (c) 8545 (d) 9454
    Observe the relationship between the two terms given in capital. Find the pair from the choices given which has a similar relationship to the pair given in capital letters.    
    3. VEGETABLE : SALAD    
  (a) Wood: Furniture (b) Fruit : Tree
(c) Tailor : Machine (d) Elephant : Herd
    4. CLAY is to BRICK as :    
  (a) Metal to mine (b) Coal to diamond
(c) Iron to nail (d) Statue to temple